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Our Winning Gaki Drawing
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  • The Ropen Entry # 1 The Ropen Entry # 1So pretty safe to assume that the lil expression lines surrounding this enormous flying character are reference to it’s rumored, soft, ghostly, glow… but there is a small part of me that is really hoping that it represents this ...
  • The Lufferlang Entry # 9 The Lufferlang Entry # 8Interesting that I want to, paper doll clothes style, accessorize this guy… I think you could go Snidley Whiplash hat and ‘stache to great effect, but for some reason I think 1950s, tank topped gym suit and long striped socks ...
  • The Lufferlang Entry # 8 The Lufferlang Entry # 7You know from the spread of those multi hinged legs, and position of the top arms and the look in that eye… I’m not entirely sure that this isn’t a safely cropped, donkey schlong shot… but maybe we’ll go with ...
  • The Lufferlang Entry # 7 The Lufferlang Entry # 7Yes! The descriptors and history really do almost go better as a toy’s backstory than a real beast… big fan of the spider mask and dammit those extra jointed elephantine legs are amazing!
  • The Lufferlang Entry # 6 The Lufferlang Entry # 6I’ve been watching lots of Rick n Morty lately, and all I can think is “Only I can have eyeholes! Give me those eyeholes!!!” beyond that , this is an adorably, lopsided, with too many joints, and excitedly hurried ...




Draw Our Bi-Weekly Beast

This is our bread and butter! A new Beast is announced every two weeks. You draw said beast based off the descriptors or however you see fit. Once we have them all assembled we pick one who deserves a shirt, generally having very little to do with artistic talent!

Be a Guest Judge

It’s always more fun to have a judge from the outside world. Otherwise everything gets a lil predictable. So send a note to the submissions address if you want to try, or have something like minded to promote or if your just interested in the taste of power!

Draw Some Old Beasts

We used to lock down submissions for beasts after judgement, but in an effort to keep a regular flow of new drawings coming through, we’ve opened all of the once done beasts back up for new submissions, you wont’ win a contest, but if you draw 25 you earn a shirt!

Write Something Fun

I get it, regardless of the no talent required clause, not everyone feels comfortable drawing. That doesn’t mean you cant play a part. Leave fun comments supporting beasts or artists you like or write us a dirty limerick about a gnome from Nantucket. Just remember we’re all here for fun!

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