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  • The Amphisbaena Entry # 2 The Amphisbaena Entry # 2Haha You know I’m not entirely sure if those are fish tails or lizard tongues but I like it either way, and there’s something Spy v Spy about those hollow empty eyes that makes it feel pleasantly familar!
  • The Amphisbaena Entry # 1 The Amphisbaena Entry # 1You know when the legends all talked about wearing a bifrontal lizard, I have to admit, I thought more stinky, limp talisman… this makes a hell of a lot more sense and if done really small, the kinda clasp we ...
  • The Bunyip Entry # 13 The Bunyip Entry # 13Did australia get mid 80’s Trans Ams? Cause if they did, you know this badass drives one… and who cares that “those about to rock” has been stuck in the tape deck for upwards of 30 years… it still applies! ...
  • The Bunyip Entry # 12 The Bunyip Entry # 12Haha! You know Judge Ken might be on to something, these seanbeasts do seem to have gotten notably more damaged as of late! Tell me this isn’t the lil creature looking up teary eyed from a wicker cage the corner ...
  • The Bunyip Entry # 11 The Bunyip Entry # 11So is it the big ol pachydermy eye looking like a monocle that makes him looks so sophisticated? Or maybe the overly attentive way he folds back his non gesturing hand? Not saying that maw full of tusks and teef ...




Draw Our Bi-Weekly Beast

This is our bread and butter! A new Beast is announced every two weeks. You draw said beast based off the descriptors or however you see fit. Once we have them all assembled we pick one who deserves a shirt, generally having very little to do with artistic talent!

Be a Guest Judge

It’s always more fun to have a judge from the outside world. Otherwise everything gets a lil predictable. So send a note to the submissions address if you want to try, or have something like minded to promote or if your just interested in the taste of power!

Draw Some Old Beasts

We used to lock down submissions for beasts after judgement, but in an effort to keep a regular flow of new drawings coming through, we’ve opened all of the once done beasts back up for new submissions, you wont’ win a contest, but if you draw 25 you earn a shirt!

Write Something Fun

I get it, regardless of the no talent required clause, not everyone feels comfortable drawing. That doesn’t mean you cant play a part. Leave fun comments supporting beasts or artists you like or write us a dirty limerick about a gnome from Nantucket. Just remember we’re all here for fun!

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