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  • The Dingbat Entry # 2 The Dingbat Entry # 2I wanted to go with a potentially realistic bullet catching device… and from what I figure, given lumberjack era technology, skillet on a stick makes the most sense! The bullet belts and wrist tapes are there just to let you ...
  • The Dingbat Entry # 1 The Dingbat Entry # 1Haha! The lil dingbat that looks to be doing an aerial flip is cracking me up… well I guess almost all flips are aerial, and I suppose he could be roosting… but still! And credit for some damn nice bat ...
  • The Hippalectryon Entry # 14 The Hippalectryon Entry # 14Somewhere, some kid has already decided this is absolutely the throat tattoo he’s been searching years to find! I’m all for it kid… send us a pic when it’s all done!
  • The Hippalectryon Entry # 13 The Hippalectryon Entry # 13And now presenting… the handsomest horse head in the world! I mean seriously did it get fathered by 1983’s Tom Selleck? Look at those eyes!… Oh and I suppose in these terms its sired… but still!
  • The Hippalectryon Entry # 12 The Hippalectryon Entry # 12Man a two fold switcharoo! First the parts are reversed and then you have to try and wrap your head around out how a horse’s hindquarters somehow delivered that enormous Hippal-egg! That being said, this beast has some damn elegant ...




Draw Our Bi-Weekly Beast

This is our bread and butter! A new Beast is announced every two weeks. You draw said beast based off the descriptors or however you see fit. Once we have them all assembled we pick one who deserves a shirt, generally having very little to do with artistic talent!

Be a Guest Judge

It’s always more fun to have a judge from the outside world. Otherwise everything gets a lil predictable. So send a note to the submissions address if you want to try, or have something like minded to promote or if your just interested in the taste of power!

Draw Some Old Beasts

We used to lock down submissions for beasts after judgement, but in an effort to keep a regular flow of new drawings coming through, we’ve opened all of the once done beasts back up for new submissions, you wont’ win a contest, but if you draw 25 you earn a shirt!

Write Something Fun

I get it, regardless of the no talent required clause, not everyone feels comfortable drawing. That doesn’t mean you cant play a part. Leave fun comments supporting beasts or artists you like or write us a dirty limerick about a gnome from Nantucket. Just remember we’re all here for fun!

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