the Hobgoblin

I Don’t Need No Stinking Clothes

Hobgoblins seem to be small, hairy little men who—like their close relative, brownies—are often found within human dwellings, doing odd jobs around the house while the family is lost in sleep. Such chores are typically small deeds, like dusting and ironing. Oftentimes, the only compensation necessary in return for these was food. Attempts to give them clothing would often banish them forever, though whether they take offense to such gifts or are simply too proud to work in new clothes differs from teller to teller.

While brownies are more peaceful creatures, hobgoblins are more fond of practical jokes. They also seem to be able to shape-shift, and like all of the fae folk, hobgoblins are easily annoyed. When teased or misused excessively, brownies become boggarts—creatures whose sole existence is to play tricks and cause trouble for people. They can be mischievous, frightening, and even dangerous, and they are very difficult to get rid of.

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judgement Is Complete

our judgeThis week’s judge was Playboy’s Art Curator and Resident Mythical Beast Artist, Aaron Baker! His word is law! See the results below!

Mythical Beast Wars - Hobgoblin entry # 17

First Place goes to JollyV again, currently unstoppable!
Oh you are so gonna get us fired! Kids close your eyes! This one came with the caption “Some hobgoblins have boundary issues!” And I’m not gonna deny there is some great color work deep in there!

Mythical Beast War - Hobgoblin entry # 5

Second Place Submitted by Sean
Not a bad week for penises so far! i suppose technically this is a drawing of a drawn penis but still… and there’s something magically ironic in a sharpie being drawn in pencil.

Mythical Beast War - Hobgoblin entry # 11

Third Place submitted by Carlos
Maybe it’s just cause it’s early, but dammit if this one doesn’t feel especially serene. Nice zen-like line quality on the pubes!

The Rest Of The Best

Mythical Beast War - Hobgoblin entry # 1

Amazing what a “g” does to a word! Nice action in this one, points for reminding me of Army of Darkness, and extra points for the shoe stitching!

Mythical Beast War - Hobgoblin entry # 2

I’m assuming he is hobgobling with the faucet sprayer in hopes of a surprise watery facial… that or he’s just remembering the gelfling getting its essence sucked out by the Dark Crystal both make me equally happy!

Mythical Beast War - Hobgoblin entry # 3

This one sort of reminds me of a Palahniuk book….In the the next frame the hobgoblin slips in own peen goo, the bag of whoopie flies into the air to land who knows where and the precious booze mingles with aforementioned goo on the floor…

Mythical Beast War - Hobgoblin entry # 4

Hi I’m from the perfectly rounded nipple society, would you like to touch my tac, or perhaps stroke my single braid?

Mythical Beast War - Hobgoblin entry # 6

Have i mentioned I’m unemployed now? Prolly spent a little more dedicated portfolio building time on this than i should have, and sadly the only reason he’s peenless is poor paper planning.

Mythical Beast War - Hobgoblin entry # 7

If I were there with you hobgobly buddy, I’d scratch your back… but from this distance that flash makes your belly shine like a star.

Mythical Beast War - Hobgoblin entry # 8

I opened this, I laughed. I went back to the couch, thought about it and laughed again. So I had to put it up. I assume that’s ice cream.

Mythical Beast War - Hobgoblin entry # 9

Something else i discovered while doing this, it seems anything vaguely chicken shaped makes me laugh. What really gets me is that the hobgoblin’s butt is seemingly self aware.

Mythical Beast War - Hobgoblin entry # 10

Man those are some meaty buttocks! Here’s hoping those aren’t the giant squid’s shorts or there’s gonna be all sorts of fit issues.

Mythical Beast War - Hobgoblin entry # 12

It’s pretty funny how a few little touches suddenly make this one feel English as hell. Though I’m still trying to figure if its’ a boobsome hob standing in a fancy lass dress or a lazy one in drag reclined on a fancy ass chair?

Mythical Beast War - Hobgoblin entry # 13

I worry a little that the traditional hobgoblin cloth wrapped shoes and the job at hand may not be a fantastic match… but what do I know… again I’m assuming ice cream, so it’s possible it doesn’t matter.

Mythical Beast War - Hobgoblin entry # 14

Man, hitting all points of the palate! A little sweet, a little salty, a little spicey, a little sad, and a little Twilight thrown in for the young’ns…  I like!

Mythical Beast Wars - Hobgoblin entry # 15

I’m going to guess that there’s not a human on earth that’s going to grab your finger when you have giant joystick nipples as an alternative option. And he’s wearing Crocs! Very practical!

Mythical Beast Wars - Hobgoblin entry # 16

Hobgoblins have trended so dirty, this one was like a little lime sorbet! Smiles, bubbles, some remarkable curls and potentially the most innocent looking ween we’ve seen thus far! Bravo!

Mythical Beast Wars - Hobgoblin entry # 18

It’s got those crazy Scooby Doo ghost painting eyes, I mean they don’t move, but they don’t not move either.  Points for the best Star Trek feel with fewest lines.

Mythical Beast Wars - Hobgoblin entry # 19

Ha! Excellent Body texture on this one! Just looking at it you know he feels like a sh#tty beard! And man it seems I love crazy eyes in the morning, like getting woken up by a pug!

Mythical Beast Wars - Hobgoblin entry # 20

Cop ‘staches are notoriously hard to pull off! I like that the bindle polka dots match his boils/bumps, and with the MD 20/20 bottle in the background it could be an ad for or against booze.

Mythical Beast Wars - Hobgoblin entry # 21

I have no doubt this is the last picture on the disposable camera they found with the body… and is that butt taunting me?

Mythical Beast Wars - Hobgoblin entry # 22

It’s like a perpetual humor machine! Try it, look at it, it’ll make you happy, look away for a while and look back, and I swear it gets funnier! I see no reason why this shouldn’t be a billboard for Dekalb.

Mythical Beast Wars - Hobgoblin entry # 23

A good stern looking Hob to round out this weeks battle, though I also imagine this is exactly what you’d see if you hugged a hobgoblin and didn’t turn your head!

Mythical Beast Wars - Hobgoblin entry # 24

And in just under the wire! I’m entertained with the concept that no matter where the dude from #17 goes to bed he has hobgoblems ! Great butt on the bottom left!


  1. ewizzle says:

    Poor paper planning peenlessness…hahaha Man am I a sucker for alliteration!

  2. admin says:

    All about ample alliteration application as well! Glad you aaacknowledged… Man good week so far! keep em rolling in!

  3. cody says:

    Holy hell, 17 is brilliant! It reminds me of my childhood.

  4. Chip says:

    5, 14, 16 and 22 have my love this week! But one hell of a fun showing from all of you! Thanks again!

  5. Sarah says:

    such a good week.

  6. Chip says:

    Dammit I so wanted 16 to win!

    And there are no real rules but I know a lot of you are watching the battles from jobs and our winner came really close to getting the second ever “censored” bar for detailed genitalia… not saying you can’t, just saying be careful… love you all!

  7. Jolly says:

    Yeah, I wanted 16 to win, too! That li’l pecker tickled me silly! 16 for first, 4 for second, and 14 for third!

    Admin (Chip?), how do you feel about setting up a separate “Community Poll?”

    That “nearly censored” sounds like a challenge to me! 😉 This contest is on it’s way to becoming nothing but close-ups of fully erect penises and spread vaginas!

  8. Chip says:

    Ideally we’ll have fan favorite/ratings for each up and running in the next few weeks, at least that’s the plan.

    I know you can’t cage a tiger… which is why I just ask all to be aware of the community… At this point we want to have fun, encourage participation and make sure we don’t scare too many away or get tagged as excessively vulgar in the process… your hobgoblin was creative as hell… it was just a step closer to ewizzle’s famed Mantygre, so I just wanted to mention it.

  9. Jolly says:

    Yeah, ewizzle’s Mantygre is legendary. Did you know that the only reason it was so detailed is because he was actually *there*?!

    As far as the genitalia goes, I was just being facetious. I’ve actually been thinking of taking things a different direction; I can’t always rely on the peen!

    You do a good thing, here…

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