The Vegetable Lamb

Medieval Asia’s Wooliest Fruit!

As far as I know this one’s our first all vegetable beast! The Vegetable Lamb of Tartary is an old medieval legend of a plant in central Asia that grew a sheep as it’s fruit. The Sheep was attached to the plant via an umbilical cord and grazed on all the surrounding vegetation until there was no food left within reach at which point the plant and the attached lamb would both wither and die. Once dead, the lamb could be consumed, as he was made of flesh, blood and bones like any other lamb, well except that it’s blood was sweet like honey.
Now those of you mystery solvers might just say to yourself, “hey self, this would be a decent way for a strange culture to explain cotton” at which point I’ll ask you to stop thinking so much and take into account how much potential for goodness this one has.
judgement Is Complete

our judge Our judge this week was Jessica Gacki-Smith (we call her Jes. Public health professional by day, drawer of mythical beasts by night (making her degree in fine arts pay off). Parent of two wild boys 24/7, lapsed vegetarian and from my calculations, the winningest drawer we’ve had yet.

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