Lil cupid

Shot Through the Heart and…

So it’s Valentines Day this week, so what better way to celebrate the massacre of millions and millions of flowers, than to draw the kid who’s to blame! The Romans considered Cupid the the son of the goddess Venus, the Greeks called him Eros and art historians call him annoyingly omnipresent, ok well I made the last part up… But what we do know is anyone shot by this little guys arrow, be they human, beast or deity, is instantly filled with what we shall call uncontrollable desire.

Originally pictured as a slender winged humanesque youth, during the Hellenistic period he gained his signature blobular girth and overall a much more cherubic appearance. He’s usually pictured with a bow and a quiver of the previously mentioned arrows, but our little troublemaker obviously has the attention span of a gnat and is often seen sidetracked by playing darts, catching butterflies, flirting with Nymphs, tooting horns, being punished by his mother for his mischievous ways or something wikipedia is simply calling “adult play”. And I’m pretty sure that gives you enough ammo, so…

judgement Is Complete

our judgeOur Judge this week is Cheri Basak, the queen of Revolution Tattoo and wife of my bandmate Oms, but more importantly she’s an artist, curator of many successful art shows both in and outside of the shop. She’s been a crucial part of cultivating an environment for tattooers to grow as artists. Cheri considers herself a crafty witch. She likes to make diorama boxes, terrariums and rock and roll dream catchers. She loves to collect curiosities and in her own words “I’m a really big fan of True Love and one of the few who doesn’t hate Valentines Day”. So let’s get some this woman some Cupids to judge!

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