The Coonigator

Vermont’s Campground Terror!

Said to be a grotesque hybrid of a raccoon and an alligator the Coonigator or Raccoonigator has been the stuff of legend in rural Vermont for generations. Most commonly spotted diving in dumpsters or scavenging unkempt campsites around the Mount Pelier region of the state.

Upon first appearance they seem very raccoon-like what with their fuzzy round gray bodies and striped furry tales but observers who go in for a closer look are surprised by a terrifying reptilian maw jammed packed with the teeth of an alligator. My “Monster Spotter’s Handbook” claims they look a lot like the lil guys from “Critters” but most of the pics on the net I can find lean more towards a protruding snout, and if i know one thing it’s that the internet’s always right!

You know the routine, take it and run. I only ask that you remember the details that can make it fun: Teeny humanesque hands, bandit masks, a body that will look considerably smaller when wet, horrible smells, famed thievery and from the other side of the hybrid the tendency towards malicious lurking, explosive power and the potential for a bird friend or two for flossing those ice cream containers and syrup bottle shards from out of their overbit jaws!

judgement Is Complete

our judge Our Judge this week is Hilary Finch Hutler, Rumored to be one hell of a chef and the wife of previous judge Craig, when she saw what he got to do, she was all about joining in on the fun. Check out her food blog Tummyrumblr and I thank her for what I think is a fantastic job in what would have been a bit of a nightmare week to judge!

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