the Devil Monkey

Attacking Humans since 1934!

Our bigfooted bretheren get the lions share of NAPE coverage in today’s media (NAPE being North American Ape of course). But they are by no means the only monkey of legend in these parts. The Devil Monkey, has been reported as far north as Alaska and down to the American south. He is described as having the face of a monkey or even a doglike baboon with short pointy ears, long simian arms tipped with vicious claws and the lower torso of a kangaroo, allowing them to jump upwards of 20 feet per hop.

Rumored to be incredibly fierce, often attacking pets or being blamed for livestock disappearances or mutilations. on occasion these lil critters have been known to claw there way into houses or the much more accesible mobile versions of said houses.

While Nationwide reports are rampant The official Devil Monkey sighting account goes thusly and is stolen from here “In 1959, while a couple by the name of Boyd were driving through the mountains near their home in Saltville, Virginia, an ape-like beast attacked their car, leaving three scratch marks on the vehicle. The The Boyd’s daughter, Pauline, described the terrifying attacker:

“(It had) light, taffy colored hair, with a white blaze down its neck and underbelly… it stood on two, large well-muscled back legs and had shorter front legs or arms.”

Boyd went on to describe a second Devil Monkey encounter that occurred just days later in the same region: “Several days after this incident, two nurses from the Saltville area were driving home from work one morning and were attacked by an unknown creature who ripped the convertible top from their car.” Luckily the nurses — though surely frightened out of their wits — were unharmed.”

judgement Is Complete

our judgeOur Judge this week was Chris Lathrop, copywriter extraordinaire, musician, and longtime work buddy (who as it happens was in the meetings that first spawned this Mythical Beast Behemoth). Always capable regardless the task from tacky one liners, to a write up for a granny porn comp (he used to write the spice catalog), or our first assignment together, a full fledged essay on why “the band” was an integral part in american music history that will make me chuckle til i die. Always just a little grumpy and endlessly frustrated with me and my know it all antics, he’ll always be my model for what a copywriter should be. Chris was an integral part of a team that lasted 12 years, I can’t believe it but I miss him and I’m glad to drag him back in to do this. Check out his band here And if you ever need words, he’s your guy, just don’t expect him to write to fit ; ).

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