The Leprechaun

Hey, There’s a Tiny Green Cobbler in My Beer!

We’ve had some pretty good luck with our festive holiday draws so trying again what with the Irishest of holiday’s just around the bend. The Leprechaun is one of the “little poeple” in Irish folklore. Tricky dwarf-life creatures, Generally appearing as little old men dressed in green and adorned with buckles and a high crowned hat. Cobblers by trade, they are also occasionally pictured wearing a leather apron or, you know, cobbling on a shoe.

Leprechauns are rumored to be wealthy beyond imagination, with crocks or pots of gold buried about the lands. While unable to move when your eyes are locked on them, the moment you blink they have the ability to vanish, never to be seen again. And for anyone who’s seen any of the Warwick Davis fronted series of movies, it would seem they are more than capable of murder, go-cart racing and space travel.

As an example of how they play the game, there is a long told tale of a farmer who forced a Leprechaun to show him the bush his gold was buried below by tying a red ribbon around the bush in question. When the farmer returned to the field with his shovel in hand, he found every bush in the field now sporting a festive red bow… to put it bluntly, leprechauns are kinda dicks! And as an added bonus this week, I’m going to try and do every picture caption in limerick form, so if nothing else draw to see me struggle with rhymes!

judgement Is Complete

our judge Our Judge this week was Bridget McLaughlin! Bridget was the Queen of the Chicago St. Patrick’s Day Parade in 2005, President of the Young Irish Fellowship Club in 2007, has visited Ireland several times, is a fan of U2, Gaelic Storm and a bunch of other irish bands and is a connoisseur of Magners at many of Chicago’s finest Irish Pubs.

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