the Mothman

Flying to the Bright Light of Doom!

So every culture seems to have a doomsayer of some sorts, in West Virginia, it’s a moth! Well I’ll give em credit, it’s not just any moth, it’s a man-sized moth with humanoid arms and legs and glowing red eyes, and if you watched the richard gere movie it’s almost capable of saying chapstick…but I still think it’s kinda funny that it’s a moth.

The story goes thusly: sometime in 1966 round the region of Point Pleasant West Virginia, folks started seeing something like a man strapped with 10 foot wings and red glowing eyes… first it was a few grave diggers, then a bunch of youths partying in the old TNT depot (gotta love West Virginia) who claimed the beast actually followed their car at speeds upwards of 100 mph as they tried to escape. From that point on, everyone was seeing him, firemen, contractors, farmers… all adding a bit to the description, giant reflective glowing eyes, tattered wings, claws… you name it if it was scary it got strapped to a moth and told as fact.

So after almost a full year of nearly nightly mothly visits, the town of Point Pleasant was devastated as the Silver Bridge collapsed sending 46 local people to their icey deaths, and from that day on the sightings stopped. Was the Mothman here to warn the people, was he a metaphysical creation of the combined precognition of an entire town? Or maybe just a space alien way into bridge collapses… we may never know, but I’m damn sure we can draw him, so get to it!

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our judge Our Judge this week is a somewhat new but devastatingly good contributor to the site (see third place last week): Nikki Rossignol lives deep in the woods near Missoula, Montana. She is an illustrator, concept artist, dancer, toy maker, and trouble maker. She is the owner/founder of the Puca Bestiary. She dreams vividly and walks alone in the moon-lit forest. Companions to her adventures include; her fox-like dog, a ghostly-white cat, and her handsome trucker-hat wearing boyfriend. Check out here work at

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