The Nephilim

This One’s Gonna Be Huge

When it comes to good old school, slutty winged giants, you can’t get much better than your Nephilim. Sure there’s your Gogmagog, or your frost giants, but did Carl McCoy name his band after those lil guys? Not a chance. Said to be the spawn of fallen angels and human women, the Nephilim were giant in size and possessed super human strength (to give a bit of scale humans were said to feel the size of grasshoppers in their presence). Their Wickedness, vice and sexual promiscuity were supposedly some of the main reasons, the old man sent the great floods, and that should give you plenty of ammunition right there.

So let’s give em some size, let’s give em some wings, let’s give em some vice and there’s gotta be someone out there who enjoys drawing full length leather dusters just for fun!

judgement Is Complete

our judgeOur Judge this week is Erik Schneider is a ruby and front-end developer living in Chicago. He grew up about half way up the western shoreline of Michigan’s lower peninsula. He spends his day ruining his back staring at screens and hunkering over drawing boards. Check out his multiple projects at

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