The Pukwudgie Entry # 9

The Pukwudgie Entry# 9

Man, credit where credit’s due that’s pretty fantastic. Though there’s a part of me that wants it on Mr Shirilla’s Necronomicon paper. And I like that if you lose the top part the bottom half of the bow looks like a sweet pipe! Also good use of wee.

Judge’s Commentary

The Wampanoag tribe could have used a bunch of these warlike little creatures to meet the Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock (look it up if you like) instead of inviting them to dinner – we all know how well that turned out for native Americans. This guy has a Rastafarian look to him that speaks to an old Bob Marley fan. I love the bony knees – great detail all around on this drawing.


  1. I am wondering how I could get in touch with the artist that drew this picture? I am interested in using it on a beer label


  2. chip says:

    Inquiry sent Mr Donovan…

  3. chip says:

    and Cheers back atcha

  4. Marvel says:

    I would love it if the artist would be willing to draw a picture of the badger and this little guy smoking and getting drunk together under a mushroom for house Puffwudgie. Bonus points if it still says “Mustn’t Tease” I need this to hang on my wall! I’d be absolutely willing to pay for this

  5. Marvel says:

    I’d also like a print of this little Pukwudgie (text and all) for wall hanging purposes as well :)

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