The Sea Hog Entry # 2

The Sea Hog Entry # 2

Look at those wall eyes! I bet you want to think dumb inbred pig, but there are lots of predators in the sea, many of whom I would assume love sea bacon and that gap between his peepers has probably saved him more than once… I mean he’s gotta be kinda old already check out that tusk development! … and how’s that even work sea mammals have to have nipples right? but do they have to be yellow?

Judge’s Commentary

The face is horrifying and would look amazing mounted on my wall. The tail looks like uncooked bacon – and who doesn’t love bacon. I’ll tell you who, vegans. And they’re wrong.


  1. chip says:

    A little tiny bit I want this guy to be on the next mug!

  2. ITNet1 says:

    he’s yours if you want em chip 😀

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