The Sea Hog

The Salty White Meat

The Sea Hog or Marine Boar, comes from tales of sailors in medieval Europe. Now science back then wasn’t shall we say especially well tested, so the established belief of the time was that from the time of creation there was a matching sea going beast for every creature that roamed the much drier and more properly explored, solid land.

Described as having the scaly body of a huge fish, the front legs of a dragon, and the head and shoulders of a giant pig or wild boar (complete with tusks and tufts of hair). Sometimes they were described as having back legs, sometimes not. What is sure is that they were massive, rotund and as far as pigs go, considered pretty adequate swimmers.

Now some of you more skeptical sorts might pause and say “Giant fish shaped body, weird dragony feet and giant tusks, sounds a whole lot like a walrus to me…” at which point I will again ask you to shut up, and spend more time drawing beasts! This one’s got a pretty easy to ponder shape, and pigs are inherently funny, so let’s break out the aqua marine crayons and see what kind goodnesses you all can piece together!

judgement Is Complete
our judgeOur judge this week is Mr Jeff Kenny, creative cohort at my current employer and one half of the team behind WalkJogRun which is a very cool way to map/plan/find your running routes. here’s his official bio from the interweb: Jeff is 1/4 Strategist, 1/4 Psychologist, 1/4 Technologist and 1/4 Designer-ist. His career started in 1995 when he was the co-founder of a successful internet consultancy which was acquired by Duo Consulting in 2001 where he worked as Director of User Experience until 2009. He is now the Creative Director at CouponCabin, Inc and spends his days finding new ways to help people save money.

Extra Judge’s Commentary
Honorable mentions: #5 for straight up talent and #4 because I think I’d make it cry if I didn’t mention it.

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