The Valkyrie

The Winged Horse Riding, Plump Breasted Viking

This might be the first time we’ve forayed into the rich Norse Mythologies. So full of battles, wolves, icy cold waters, braids and the mead, oh so much mead! The Valkyries are one of several Norse legends whose role it was to fly over battlefields sort the dead, decide who would be welcomed into Valhalla and carry said worthy to Odin’s kingdom.

Often described as riding flying horses, or occasionally being described as winged beasts themselves. We know they were female, We know they looked so fantastic in Viking garb that they were the subject of countless poems and bards. And we know that beyond their battlefield responsibilities they also tended bar in Valhalla providing mead to the warriors deemed worthy enough to enter. But their precise physical characteristics are the one piece of the puzzle up for grabs, sometimes beautiful women, lovers of royalty and proud warriors, But just as often they are likened to ravens or other less pleasant carrion birds circling and picking through the dead. So we know what Vikings looked like, we know roughly what winged horses look like, and we all have our own take on what could be striking or beautiful enough to inspire prose, so I leave the rest up to you.

judgement Is Complete

our judgeOur Judge this week was Hideaki Obara. He wanted us to use his bio from his portfolio, whi am I to argue…Born in Mexico City to a Japanese family, is a recent Bachelor’s of Fine Arts graduate from the visual communications department at the International Academy of Design and Technology Chicago. Currently, he is working as a freelance graphic designer in Chicago. His multicultural experience makes his graphic design and artwork unique and intriguing. Hideaki excels not only graphic design, but also in photography and photo manipulation. He is highly self-motivated, team oriented, professional, and has strong analytical skills. See his work here

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