the Yowie

It’s Australian For Bigfoot

So in our quest to draw “Bigfoots Around the World”, the Yowie is our next stop. I just watched a 2 hour Finding Bigfoot special where the crew flew down under to investigate. And from what I could discern besides being a longtime resident of the world’s largest Alcatraz, our hero seems pretty similar to the North American Sasquatch with a few exceptions. Instead of feasting on deer or elk as his main nourishment, he eats wallabies and farmers goats. Instead of being incredibly elusive all the time, the Yowie does silly things like runs up and shakes the car your sleeping in, stares in your window while you dress for the morning and he seems to spend a lot more time growing what can only be described as an early 90s grunge beard than his Northern counterpart.

Now wikipedia has an old aboriginal description quoted that adds a few additional fun bits to the mix so feel free to include any of the following: The natives of Australia … believe in … [the] Yahoo … This being they describe as resembling a man … of nearly the same height, … with long white hair hanging down from the head over the features … the arms as extraordinarily long, furnished at the extremities with great talons, and the feet turned backwards, so that, on flying from man, the imprint of the foot appears as if the being had travelled in the opposite direction. Altogether, they describe it as a hideous monster of an unearthy character and ape-like appearance.

Beyond all that, he’s Australian, and I’m relatively sure that bit alone gives you enough ammo to make this beast your own, from Shrimps on barbie, stinky ass koalas and wombats to Road Warriors and more deadly poisonous creatures than you can cover in a single Discovery special, Australia’s an interesting place… but what you include is up to you.

judgement Is Complete

our judgeOur judge this week was long time creative director for Playboy online, Jay Boersma. Known as a teacher, friend and mentor to most of the original contributors here. He’s also a fantastic photographer, cartoonist, and a wealth of opinions on most things creative. He’s currently open for a new gig, so here’s a link to his photography his design, and I’ll personally vouch for his talent at leading a team and his quality as a human being.

Here’s a lil snippet in his own words:
In addition to “neatness and originality” (of course) I judge anything having to do with Australia based on whether or not it contains: Kangaroos, Bandicoots, Platypuses, Koalas, Tasmanian Devils, Vegemite, Shrimp on the barbie, Oversized beer cans, Oversized knives, Insane male actors, Beautiful female actors, Those frogs that Bart Simpson smuggled in…

For the purpose of this contest, I’d add at least one Yowie to the above list.
With that in mind, here’s my Top 3 selection

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