The Disemboweler

Greenland’s People Eating Comedian Hag With A Side-Splitting Sense of Humor!

So first things first it’s early Summer, folks are busy poking their noses outside for the first time in months and I need a little time to tweak our upcoming site improvements so we’re stretching this one for two weeks. So submissions for the Disemboweler will be due 6/21/13 by Midnight CST.
Now to business, The Disemboweler is a legendary hag from Greenland. She was cousin of the moon but cast down to Earth for her wicked ways. Generally she wandered the dark forests looking for a lost soul who had wandered too far and found themselves both lost and most likely delicious… It’s when there were no lost folk to feed upon that our beast’s most intriguing traits came into play. It would seem she had the ability to sneak/appear within folks houses where she would famously whisper a joke into her victim’s ear that was so funny said joke receiver would literally burst their stomach from the inside with laughter, at which point the Disemboweler would feast on delicious innards.
Now I’ve got very little in the way of descriptive traits for you, she’s from Greenland, she’s female, being referred to as a hag, you could assume she’s not overly attractive… but other than that might I suggest this is a battle that could be enhanced by captions. So let’s dust of those Truly Tasteless Joke paperbacks and see what you kids consider funny!
judgement Is Complete
our judgeSubmissions were light this week, and I know most all of you, so instead of seeking out a judge this week, I just looked under my feet. Our judge this week is my bulldog Gir, a giant headed 8 year old pile of muscle blubber and smells. He just recently had to have one of his canine teef extracted and he’s been a lil down as it keeps him from his favorite activity (chewing things). So hopefully this important responsibility gives him the emotional burst that he needs. Judging worked thusly: prints of each entry were made and placed in a room with a single nugget of food beneath each. The first three to be snuffled or slobbered upon are our winners! Honestly I think he did a pretty good job though I feel Shirilla and I got robbed…

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