the Fucanglong

Dragon or Not, It’s Fun to Say!

The Fucanglong is the Chinese dragon of “hidden treasure” . He waits deep in the earth guarding his hordes of jewels or rare mineral deposits. Generally the only time he is seen is if you were to be hunting for said treasures deep in the bowels of the earth (I like to think it a chinese version of your shortcut through moria), or when he is called upon to report to the gods at which point he busts from the ground skyward causing a volcano to form.
I don’t have a ton of Fucanglong specific characteristics, so I’m just going to give you some generic Chinese Dragon info and you can work from there. Chinese Dragons or “Longs” have long serpentine bodies, legs like a lizards and talons like an eagle. It’s head is usually somewhat delicate with long trailing whiskers and usually horns or some sort. While they are almost always wingless, they have the ability to fly on the winds or any number of elemental magical currents that may be flowing at the time.

judgement Is Complete
our judgeOur judge this week is going to be Lisa Sipe, fine artist, designer, cultural observer and blogger at where there’s even supposed to be an interview regarding Mythical Beast Wars with yours truly this week. So check out her site, see what she’s about and lets see some serious pandering this week!

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