The Gorgon Medusa

Talk About Getting Stoned!

It’s been a while since we last touched on the classic Greek beasts, so we’re going with one most everyone should know. The Gorgon Medusa (technically there are three Gorgons but no one seems to care much about the other two)… Originally a beautiful woman with numerous suitors, she eventually attracted the eyes of one Mr Poseidon, who upon happening on her alone in a temple dedicated to Athena, ravished our subject all about said temple in his godlike ways, causing Athena much stress.

As retribution for this desecration it was Athena who transformed our once lovely temptress into a beast so hideous that to simply gaze upon her would turn the viewer to stone.

Descriptions vary over time, most from my generation are very familiar with the snakebodied toothpaste tube full of blood from the Harry Hamlin Clash of the Titans movie, who’s severed head was used to stop the Kraken. But many older descriptions still have her with human legs, a face full of protruding tusks and giant wings to accompany her mop of living snakes for hair. So let’s just go with whatever you think is ugly enough to transmorph living elements to a more rigid form and roll with it.

And just so you have a few additional fun facts to work with, legend has it that blood taken from the right side of the gorgon can reanimate a corpse while blood from the left is an instantly fatal poison… now is that her left our our left dammit?

judgement Is Complete

our judge Our judge this week is our champion from last week’s Battle GoatMan and recent fan favorite victor from the Piasa Bird. The honorable Greg Shirilla, I let him write the bio so blame him if your lips get tired from reading (yessss)

I’m part Ohio part Chicago. I eat mainly pizza. I saw Iron Maiden on the Powerslave tour in ’84. My best friends are two cats and a guy named Jim Beam. I’m much happier when I’m asleep. I enjoy traveling by train. I sling drinks til 4am at The Continental. My life mentor is Chris Elliott. I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts, but never picked up my actual diploma. I had a long running make believe relationship with Parker Posey throughout the late 90’s. I’ve never gone skiing nor surfing. I once donated over 12 inches of my hair to cancer patients. I once hung out with Kid Rock. Part owner of an on-again off-again t-shirt company. I still take pictures with cameras that use film. And did I mention I eat a lot of pizza? A lot!!!

Check out his stuff: Art Shirts and Tumblr. Now get to drawing, and someone better do some kind of “Cabin Boy” reference or I’ll be pissed!

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