The Hootpecker

The Woodpecker That Never Sleeps!

In My opinion, American Lumberjacks had some of the most entertaining beasts in the history of beastdom. Generally they were an amalgam of multiple known creatures to describe forest noises, happenings and disappearances. The Hootpecker is no acception. Made of equal parts woodpecker and owl, the Hootpecker, never sleeps and spends all of his time clearing the forest of insects. Unlike almost every beast we’ve drawn to this point (the squonk is the only other that comes to mind), The Hootpecker is no danger to man and in fact his bug clearing services were greatly appreciated (unless one was an extraordinarily light sleeper at which point his all night knocking may have been a slight annoyance).
I know it’s early summer and many of you are out doing whatever the grown up version of kick the can is, but if there’s one thing I know about the internet, its that folks who frequent it like to draw owls. So hopefully i can draw a few of you back in to the fray. Make em cute, make em feathered, make em remarkably sleepy or overly caffeinated, just make sure they have some way of extracting bugs from trees late at night!
judgement Is Complete
our judgeOur judge the week is Rose Mary Salazar, if you don’t know her, you should, because as a general rule Rose makes most things better. A once was work cohort of my wife’s, and now a friend, she’s a big hearted fun loving IT wizard and Aptify knower, who has been known to take electronics apart just to see how they tic. A huge fan of all things Mike Patton, riding in critical mass and I’m told a recent convert to the joys of watching people fall on “wipeout”. My only caution is dont try to take her shot for shot, cause she has a magical “Marion”-esque ability to stay standing when most folks would be head on the bar.

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