The Succubus

But Those Are Scary Boobs!

So Myths of old are full of sexual predators who creep up on dozing victims and through one means or another attach themselves to their victims in order to steal precious life energy. But the succubus is somewhat unique in that list of beasts as it’s the only one that’s not generally horrible to look at nor terrifyingly rapey… In fact from what i can tell this beast’s story sounds a lot like the culmination of dreams of most 14 year old boys in the world.

The Succubi’s main weapon is that it’s usually remarkably attractive (that is if you don’t mind the occasional bat wing, serpent tail or cloven hoof). She tends to float in or materialize above a sleeping victim scantily clad, where she will caress and whisper sweet nothings to the victim until properly suited for victimization. Then through some sort of evening long sex magic she leaves the victim in the morning a husk of a person, drained of energy and vigor (I like to thing Gelfling who’s had a bit too much Dark Crystal).

As time goes on and the process continues night after night, The victim’s life will eventually fall apart as they have no energy to deal with the day to day, nor energy to defend themselves at night… eventually leading to a sort of living death… worth it or not? I leave it to you to decide, I just ask that you keep the penetration to a minimum. Now grab your scribblers and get to it!

judgement Is Complete

our judgeOur judge this week is going to be Colette Gilbertson, dance teacher/yoga teacher. Lover all kinds of art from scribbles to the sublime. Regular beast drawer for the past 16 weeks, and occasional winner. If you are interested in taking a yoga class find her on facebook. She also do privates at her home. So lets get busy and send some drawings! Make them funny, scary, cute or just plain awesome! She mentioned here two grandchildren Katelyn and Jack ,ages 9 and 12 may influence her decision… I’m going to suggest that given the subject matter this week, perhaps we’ll just give them the nod above and shield their eyes from the rest… But what do I know, I just have dogs…

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