the Fairy vs Unicorn

The Dusted Thunder VS The One Horned Wonder

A battle as old as time! The Maker of Dreams vs the Impaler of Greens! You know the rules… They don’t need to be fighting but they best be in some sort of competition of cooperative effort! And there better be rainbows and stardust splattered on the walls…I even made us a little promos poster ; )

Uni vs Fairy promo

So get your scribblers a scribbling and for all of you leaning donkey show already… let’s remember sometimes the beast barely seen is the scariest one of all.

judgement Is Complete

our judgeOur Judges this week were the design team “Make”! They design, illustrate, art direct, draw, cut, paste, think, build, photograph, paint and print. (and IMHO do some pretty fun work) check em out:

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