the Baku

Hey Your Lions Face is in My Elephant who also has Cow Parts

So I just got this Mythical Creatures Bible and they do a pretty good job of describing this lil guy, and given my hungoverness this morning, I’m just going to borrow. So someone out there buy the book and we’ll all be even ; ).

This helpful hybrid creature from Japanese folklore looks something like an enormous tapir or wild pig. Folk descriptions say that it has the compact body of a horse, the face of a lion, the trunk and tusks of an elephant, the tail of a cow and the feet of a tiger.

The Baku repels wickedness. In China, where the creature originated (hey didn’t it just say it was Japanese last paragraph?),it was believed that sleeping on a Baku pelt would ward off pestilence and that it’s image was a powerful talisman against evil. In Japan, the Baku is famed as the “eater of dreams”, said to be caused by evil spirits. A person awakening from a nightmare should say “Baku, eat my dreams!” Thus summoned, the Baku will turn bad omens into good fortune by devouring the evil influences.

judgement Is Complete

our judgeOur Judge this week was Dawn Biernacki, Photographer, computer whiz, knower of many varied things, friend and wife of the hottest dude we know ; )… Plus I stole her steak taco marinade so now that I’ve publicly admitted that, we’re even!

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