The Batsquatch

Washington State’s Flying Monkey

Hailing from the American Northwest, Batsquatch is the name given to a legendary species of large nocturnal primates said to sport the wings of a pterodactyl or enormous bat. As if the Wizard of Oz tie in wasn’t obvious enough already, humorously, they are said to be tinted on the purple side of the spectrum. They are occasionally blamed for the disappearance of livestock (what beast isn’t these days) but beyond that very little is known other than they are big 4-7 feet tall, hairy and kinda scary… Keep in mind this part of the country is forest rich mountainous and I’ve heard tale that it’s just covered in weed, so while there’s plenty of space for this beast to hide it could always just be misidentified flying bears….

judgement Is Complete

our judgeOur Judge this week is little Katie Calihan, Yoga teacher, colorist, baker, distance runner and long time and varied beast submittor!

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