The Fungus Demon Entry # 8

The Fungus Demon Entry # 8

“If he’s winning hearts, he’s gotta be dreamy, right?”…. Man he is kinda dreamy, what is that part morel? And fantastic 1985 surf t-shirt palette! I sorta wanna hang out with him, eat him and then go to the beach. Plus I’m a big fan of the pudgy almost hobbity ears and nose

Judge’s Commentary

I just keep coming back to this guy. His gaze and glow are nothing short of pure artistry. And there is a squishiness about him that kind of makes me gag, but it totally works.


  1. Beth K. says:

    So serene and wonderful. Zoiks, I love him!

  2. chip says:

    Pretty F’ing funny that he’s looking directly and smugly at his second place badge!

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