The Fungus Demon

He’s a Real Fun Guy!

So this is another one of those, not quite a legendary beast of myth weeks, but our judge this week has been integral in the “success” of this project moving online and requested a creature from Buffy canon, and we aim to please!
Now I’m going to assume most of you have some familiarity with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, whether it be from Paul Ruebens performing what is perhaps the best death scene in a movie to date, or carrying in the back of your mind that while the show might not have been to your tastes, it had a kinda rocking surf theme song. Our hero this week, really never made the limelight on the show and truthfully was only mentioned in a single line in the sex filled episode The Harsh Light of Day where it is revealed that Spike’s longtime partner in evil vampirism Drusilla is missing because she has left spike for… you guessed it, a Fungus Demon.
That’s really all we know, but I offer that fungus and demon are both powerful enough words to trigger a bit of creativity and the potential for globular beings should open the doors to our most “but I can’t draw”-iest of fans. So that’s it, make him handsome or disgusting, make him from dried shitakes or toadstools mold and gunk we don’t care, we just ask that where appropriate you don’t forget the stinklines!
our judgeOur Judge this week is Sarah Neurauter aka Sneurat. A very talented and eager Designer for web and print, chief recruiter of beast drawers and occasional holder of beast drawing parties, defender of animals big and small, Veeg and a friend! To her we owe thanks for contributors as varied as the many time champion ITNET1, to multitudes of dinner guests who are served blank paper and instruments of doodle to the time she actually made her dad draw. I’ve always appreciated her enthusiasm and I’m not sure that there has been a “seanist” portrait yet that hasn’t made me chuckle (beasts drawn to look like her boyfriend Sean). So show your thanks and get to it kids!
judgement Is Complete
Judge’s Special Mention: #1 & #6, excellent use of Sean-ist principles to bring your fungi demons to life. If mythical beast wars gives out gold stars, you each deserve 5 of them!

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