the Gatormen

Oh What Should We Do With a Drunken Gator

Hailing from the swamplands of the American South, there are Gatormen sightings logged as far back as the 1700s. These 4 to 6 foot swamp creatures have the upper torso of a small human or monkey and the lower torso of an alligator complete with stubby legs and a tail. Covered in green scales from head to toe (or I guess in this case tail), they are rumored to be highly intelligent. Gathering in small tribes to hunt and communicating with a language of guttural noises. On rare occasion they have even been mentioned to carry rudimentary weapons and tools. Generally harmless to human, they spend their days hunting snakes, turtles, fish and what ever other swamply neighbors they can murder an devour. No where in their descriptions that I have found does it mention illegal moonshining… but we all know what happens in swamps… so go forth and let your imagination guide you.

judgement Is Complete

our judgeOur Judge this week was Ryan Lodge, Wannabe Globe Trekker, Woodbooger Model, Founder of the Beasts in Cutoffs Society, All purpose Internet Tool and long time buddy. His word is law, but feel free to argue it in the comments below ; )

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