The Golem Entry # 6

The Golem Entry # 6

Ha somewhere in all that mud or possibly stone there is most definitely some cat source material, I do love the contrast of short stubbies on his right hand to the long dangly fingers on the left… And bravo for the magician including nipples!

Judge’s Commentary

Other than the fact that for some obscure reason this thing has kitty ears it really embodies the meat of the tale for me. Don’t forget it is a ghetto tale and the Golem is thrown together of available materials. (sure usually related as made of clay, who the hell in the getto has 300 plus pounds of clay laying around?) So this being looks as if it was thrown together with grease from the stove crevices and bits of lint and tattered fabric and coated in what could possibly be excrement or a really thick leftover stew…who can tell? But it is ready, willing and able to take on any challenge you put forth. Your enemies are already trembling.

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