The Golem

He’s Sorta Like Frankenstein But Jewish

No not the Lord of the Rings Gollum silly. We’re going old school Jewish folklore on this one, where a Golem is essentially an artificial man. Supposedly the word “golem” comes from the hebrew word “gelem” which in turn means “raw material”. So from what I gather, while traditionally made from clay, a Golem can be made of anything that its summoner has the power to bring life to (usually done by writing a magic word on the inanimate creatures forehead).

So create your Golem from whatever substance or combination of substances makes you happy to doodle. Keep in mind they are often summoned for protection and therefore appear especially well armed. But if you want your Golem to do dishes, I’ll have no complaints with a soft absorbent spongy one either.

They are neither good nor bad, they only do their creators bidding with no sympathy or compassion for whatever is in the way. And don’t you forget the main point of this is to make each other smile so don’t forget the silly. Now go forth and draw!

judgement Is Complete

our judgeOur Judge this week is Bosco, longtime friend, storyteller, occasional vendor of varied and somewhat nefarious objects and knower of more obscure things than I can ever imagine.

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