the Grindylow Entry # 11

The Grindylow Entry # 11

I like the bold juxtaposition of a cute octopi and what appears to be a throbbing wiener bib! And is that a diaper? You broke, like, 4 sea taboos here. Oh, that’s a lobster

Judge’s Commentary

I was drawn to it immediately. Covering so many of the descriptors in a subtle and innocent manner, but it was the floating diaper that won this one for me. Ew! That’s like having a dirty band aid sweep across your leg in the shallows, only worse! Nobody wants to find one of those in the water, BUT at least it looks clean…Between that, the penis-y lobster bib and hair sprout on top of it’s grindy head (can aquatic creatures even grow hair, if so, creepy!) this one was the one to beat!

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