The Grindylow

It Aint Easy Being Green and Toothy!

The Grindylow is a water demon, most recently welcomed in pop culture as a part of the Harry Potter franchise, I think I most recently ran across them in China Mieville’s the Scar but they originated from folktales in the English counties of Yorkshire and Lancashire. Where they were used as a bogeyman to keep children from playing near the edges of dangerous bogs.

Said to be green, horned, long, sinewy and toothsome to the highest degree. I’ve also seen them described as having an upper torso, similar to a goblin with the lower half of an octopus…They would hide in the shallow waters waiting for children to approach where they would use their ridiculously long appendages to grab and strangle the lil’ ones and pull them into the murk to never be seen again. Mostly I think I’m excited about how many illustrated bubbles we’re going to see to signify the underwaterness of it all!

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