The Jackalope

The Whiskey Stealing Rabbit With Horns

So in honor of my buddy’s wife’s new coffeeshop opening (Jackalope Coffee & Tea House 755 W 32nd Street, Chicago,IL.) next weekend, we’re going for the obvious cross – promotion of drawing her shop’s namesake and letting her judge.

Said to be a cross between a pygmy deer and a killer rabbit (a what now?). Jackalopes have the power to mimic human voices and are rumored to lead travelers astray in order to steal their whiskey. As if that isn’t enough, Jackalope milk is prized for it’s healing properties, and is occasionally referenced to be an aphrodisiac. The rarity of said beast is claimed to be the result of the very particular time when they can procreate, which happens to be in a lightning storm that also includes hail!

Now fake stuffed Jackalopes are displayed in many towns across the American west, and are usually assembled from animal parts on hand at ye old taxidermy shop. But the real beast is said to be a bit larger, more like the size of a large cat/small dog (it is after all half killer rabbit) and his antlers are usually relatively small though he is said to use them quite ferociously if cornered. But again that could always be the whiskey … Now go forth and draw and don’t forget the silly!

judgement Is Complete

our judgeOur Judge/s this week are the crew at the Jackalope Coffee and Teas House, which I would have you Bridgeportians take note, officially opened for business yesterday! January & John (the littlest Witchbanger) have been my friends for a long, long time and rocked many of your socks off in too many bands to name in this space. Let it be known that I wish them and their team nothing but luck and success in their new venture and I thank them for taking time out of what I assume is one of the busiest weeks in their lives to take part in our little game! If you are in the area, go buy a tastey beverage in a show of support!

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