The Pigsie

Here Pigsie Pigsie Pigsie!

Next Saturday is Pixie Day in Ottery St. Mary, England. Where they faithfully reenact the banishment of said beasts or faerie folk if you will. So to celebrate we’re going with the old school spelling and description as it’s a heck of a lot more fun.

Pigsies or Pixies or Piskies are tiny red haired winged fairy folk with upturned noses like a pigs. They wear green clothes have pointed ears and are said to be the spirits of children who were not baptized so they can’t make it to heaven but really havent done enough (yet) to make it to hell. As a whole, they seem relatively harmless, leading the occasional traveler astray in the woods, stealing a horse or two and hanging a criminal and the like… But let’s see what kind of situations you can find them in!

judgement Is Complete

our judgeOur Judge this week was John Almonte! He’s a fellow Witchbanger, and famed rocker from the likes of Wickerman, Unfortunaut, Drunken Master 3, And he probably introduced me to half the folks I know…Remember his word is law! And if you’re bored come see us at Ultra Lounge tonight with Mouth of the Architect.

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