The Bishop Fish Entry # 7

The Bishop Fish Entry # 7

Uh uh I know this signature graph paper… It’s got hat signage very close to mine, and perhaps a similar quality of beard, and he is holding my brand new, most dangerous of all toys, the chainsaw on a stick… but last i checked i have a much more prominent nose, so I’m assuming this bastard has simply stolen my stuff and now it’s gonna be all fishy smelling!
Oh and the artist would have you know I cropped out his 40oz of Fish Oil cause he drew way out of square, but points for the humor!

Judge’s Commentary

I’m actually a little surprised he went with this one, his initial reaction was “I think the caption hurts it, but that beard… it’s so bad…” at this point it’s possible I influenced judgement more than I should have by mentioning, “I think that beard is supposed to be mine” at which point he seemed to enjoy the entire composition at a much deeper level!

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