The Cactus Cat

The Drunken Cat from the West with the Prickly Chest

Coming from the American Southwest comes Cactus Cat! Larger than your average house cat meow, covered with thorn like hair meow, has sharp bones on its front legs meow, and a branched spiky tail and small horn-like ridges behind the ears meow.

The cactus cat survives by eating the sap of common cacti found in the deserts where it lives. Unfortunately for the cactus cat, this sap ferments and intoxicates the cat. The cat will then stumble off drunkenly through the desert in an alcoholic haze.

Cowboys and other frontiersmen reported hearing the cactus cat at night, wailing in the darkness, and occasionally rasping its bony arms together. If the stories are to be believed, a cactus cat would even occasionally attack humans, drunkenly screaming into campsites and causing much mayhem!

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