The Redcap Entry # 10

The Redcap Entry # 10

Sweet! This one feels a lil like santa gone wrong! I mean hard ass shoulder spikes, every so slightly wonked lizard eyes, a bloody ax blade hanging of the famed english peeper on a pike and an understated version of the universal symbol for discontent down there in the corner. Plus there’s just a lot of ink on the paper and I’ll always appreciate that!

Judge’s Commentary

Everything about this “I was drawn on my TrapperKeeper in high school in the 80s, which I covered entirely in black marker cuz my soul belongs to Satan” vibe is killer! Lemmy ain’t got nothin’ on this fella, even his beard feels like it’s been carved out of metal. You can gauge the level of terror in that skewered eyeball of the poor sap who ran into this redcap and met his end cuz he said he liked metal rap. If this is not an album cover for a German death metal band by the end of this week, I’ll commission zis masterpiece and start up my own brand of face-melting, axe-shredding, my volume goes to 11 audio bullying. We’ll call ourselves der schlecht Weihnachtsmann! (that’s “the bad Santa” in German or so my Google translator tells me).

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