The Redcap Entry # 3

The Redcap Entry # 3

Ha! While amazing I’m calling that is leaning more towards a Red-helmet… but we’ll take it! Great curve bladed fantasy pike and I myself (and I’m not even a robe guy) am finding myself ready to extoll the virtures of his warm and cozy belted coverings! And look how big that one hand is!

Judge’s Commentary

The look of “I’m disgruntled with my current occupation” or “I have a gripe with the way I’m being treated by my employer” is something we all can relate to at one point in time in our lives. Perhaps this entry becomes our official office mascot for job dissatisfaction. One thing’s for sure though, you push this little guy too far and you get a taste of that heavy-handed, jagged, torn tin can pike in return. Nice, matching skull accoutrements from Hot Topic. Oh, and his soft-booted feet make me want to eat Pillsbury Crescent Rolls.

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