The Redcap Entry # 9

The Redcap Entry # 9

Oooh such an officially D&D sanctioned earflapped and elven cap! Very nice! Another great case of long-arm, that Thriller shoulder is kinda cracking me up and I gotta give credit for what looks to be the most uncomfortable iron boot we’ve seen.

Judge’s Commentary

I have soft spot for this “everything is sharp” selection, literally. From that snaggletoofus, the crusty ear, the disappearing arm, even that left calf is like a blunt butterknife waiting to give you a lesson in how to run a butcher shop. Furthermore, that slight, but bloody prison shank tucked into his belt is somewhat unassuming at first, but like an overused disposable razor blade, it carries with it a history of hemorrhaging nicks, scrapes and severely infected in-grown hairs… and sometimes death! Also worth noting, and I concur with our Mythical Beast Wars administrator, this entry brings a little R&B funk with the Jacko Thriller vibe including the fades, shades, arched shoulder… all that’s missing are a few metal studs in his leathery redcap. So be careful, cuz when you blink, he’ll dance and disappear off this page and into your nightmare – ace!

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