The Redcap

The Metal Laden Dwarf With The Hat Soaked In Murder!

So we’ve already touched on a few of the European household spirits, your Brownie, your Hobgoblins etc. But the Redcap is fun cause he’s especially metal and murdery. Said to dwell in ruined and abandoned castles that line the border between England and Scotland. Redcaps are small, we’ll say about 2 feet (or whatever the hell that is in “hands”). Usually depicted as your sturdy old man type with whithered, windburned faces, perhaps some whiskers and beady lil eyes. They wear heavy iron boots, carry a heavy iron spike, and most importantly they wear a floppy dwarfish cap stained red with the blood of foolhardy travelers who mistakenly enter their domain (and are usually murdered most fouly).
Now one would say, little tiny legs, weighed down in rocky terrain, I have no fear of this lil bugger but legend has it that regardless of his heavy iron accessories, it’s almost impossible to outrun a Redcap. I’m not sure whether it’s magic or just sheer determination that drives him because as the legend continues, if a Redcap is ever victimless to the point that the blood in his hat dries… he too will die.
judgement Is Complete
our judgeOur Judge this week was Steve Biernacki, husband of one of my wife’s old work cohorts, who I met when we’d both tag along on business trips to explore random cities. He’s currently doing design but he’s an all purpose agency machine, record nerd, incredibly nice guy, and I’m pretty sure I saw his father in law try to murder him via motorboat towed inner tube once ; ). Oh yeah and I can’t forget, we like to say Steve’s the best looking guy we know. His judgement is below, and his word is law…

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