the Snawfus

Up In The Treetops White Deer Paws!

So from what I can tell from my seven minutes of research this week… The Snawfus is an American Lumberjack myth evolved from the old Native American legend of the White Stag. The Snawfus is a giant magical white deer, with antlers so large that vines, branches, flowers and moss grow amongst them. Rumored to bound from treetop to treetop with a monkey/squirrel-like ease and occasionally he appeared as a tall man with a deer’s head. And if that’s not enough, the “smoke” surrounding the Smokey Mountains is said to be the steaming breath of this legendary beast!

judgement Is Complete

our judge

Our Judge for Battle Snawfus was Chicago Artist, Michael Rea. His word is law. See the results below and check out his work here: Feel free to voice your joy, disagreement or sadness in the comments below!

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