The Thriae Entry # 7

The Thriae Entry # 7

Oh sometimes you guys make me so happy… I mean technically I sorta hate photo collages, but when they are done with this level of weirdness and raw joy, I gotta give it props… I mean its got all the bee girl elements: stripes, florals, polka dots and it’s got a pink hollow eyed, bird box! …you are either a genius or a murderer!

Judge’s Commentary

Second Place for the Zodiac Killer’s lovemap! This artist correctly prophesizes fashion trends next year, which makes the piece a Thriae itself (ooo dang). I hear this is What to Wear to make a baby, but let’s do a switcheroo to sex it up: he in doily wings, and she wearing a box. Final diagnosis for this entry: All of the paraphilias, all at once.


  1. Connie says:

    Murderer Genius! I give myself 10 points!

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