The Thriae

Floats Like a Human Sized Greek Prophesying Bee Nymph, Stings like a…

Alright kids! I’m old as hell and fresh from a fishy birthday vacation and ready to get this rolling again! This week it’s the Thriae, as the title suggests, they are virginal prophesying bee nymphs native to a single ridge on Mount Parnassus. Most often depicted as being human sized, having the head and upper body of a woman and the lower body and wings of a bee and their hair always dusted with a white coating of pollen. When not foretelling futures they were busily making their intoxicating honey coined the “sweet nectar of the gods” as it was said to aid in the art of, you know, proper prophesying.
Legend has it that for generations the Thriae were sought by locals to help foresee their fates, by satyrs cause satyrs just F’ing love sexy nymphs and gods cause it would seem that the gods could father multiple offspring with said nymphs without much impact to their virginal status or future telling abilities?
Now some would say that the its possible the Thriae were just average mountain dwelling witches who dusted their hair with flour to look like pollen and anything supernatural or bee like reported about them was simply a result of their intoxicating honey… it’s not as fun but I always like to give the cynics and option. Also I have no idea how to pronounce Thria, Three-ah? Thray? Tri-ay? all I know is that the name means pebbles in greek and was given to these nymphs as those were the objects they tossed to read the future.
judgement Is Complete
our judgeOur Judge this week was April Kopp, aka the soon to be Mrs Cody Tilson. A fun and bitingly intelligent girl with the patience of a saint (she’s with cody duh) and by day she has a clinical social workers degree and has one of those jobs helping abused kids that makes you wonder why exactly you chose to do something so superficial for a living. This week I believe winners were chosen by prominence of obvious social disorders in the creations, the diagnosis are below.

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