The God Anubis

The Egyptian Deity With the Head of a Jackal Who Was Super Into Mummification!

Pretty sure this is the first time we’ve gone Egyptian Deity, and if you’re going to do something might as well go whole hog, so we’re breaking out the “Balancer of Scales”, the “Lord of the Dead” or if you’d rather, “that hieroglyph with the dog’s head”.
Now as many of you burgeoning Egyptologists know over the centuries, the roles of Anubis and Osiris get very intermingled and confusing, and partially because I just want to see if the David Lee Moth guy can fit an entire 80’s band on someone’s shoulders, I’m just going to give you the basic descriptors to role with.

  • Head of a Jackal, Body of a Man
  • Most Often Colored Black to Represent Death
  • Tended to Carry Around a Flail? and an Ankh
  • Super into Mummies and Embalming
  • Liked to Wear Skirts and Funny Headdresses

judgement Is Complete
our judgeIn a first for me, our judge has requested to go unnamed, so we’ll just pretend this judgement was delivered to me in a dream, cause that’s more fun. Though I do have to admit I’m a little fond of the “frenchiest” criteria…


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