The Loveland Frogmen Entry # 10

The Loveland Frogmen Entry # 10

Ha! fatherhood can definitely be a life changer mr frogman I’m assuming there’s a whole lot of thoughts going on behind those giant eyes right now. but mostly I’m entertained by the short tie and frog sized dockers! And while I’m remaining optimistic there’s something about the placement of that pollywog that makes me think of the old eel skin watch joke…

Judge’s Commentary

There are many reasons I love this drawing. The, “my life is over” vibe I’m getting from the Frogman’s face. The similarity between tadpole and adipose (one of my all time favorite episodes of Doctor Who is the one where the Doctor and Donna Noble finally reteam to solve the mystery behind a diet pill that turns your fat into adorable baby aliens. If you haven’t seen this episode, you should – I promise it will explain why someone like me, might like a show like Dr. Who). And finally, while perhaps indirectly related to yoga, there is something rather Zen about the way the frogman cradles his wee pollywog that I found to be both centering and peaceful (so long as I ignore the sadness in the father’s face).
Side note: The Frogman’s hands are cradling the little guy in what is known as the cosmic mudra, which helps to bring your attention inward and is useful when you are trying to increase self-awareness. So maybe he’s not really as sad as he appears, rather just deep in thought, and maybe because he’s mostly frog, his expressions are inadvertently limited to looking this solemn…Ommmmmmm!

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