The Loveland Frogmen Entry # 11

The Loveland Frogmen Entry # 11

Oh no! So there was a forest preserve right by my house growing up (lotta ways this sentence could go huh?) and my least favorite nights were the ones right after a rain where you couldn’t avoid running over countless frogs no matter how slow you went… but I’m reasonably confident I never hit one with tiny frog sized crocs and an adorable picnic bag full of fly snacks… and are those tiny frogman house keys??? aack!

Judge’s Commentary

Really, it was what was INSIDE the bag and now all over the windshield that sold me on this one, that and the irony of a frog wearing crocs. Sadly, I’ve experienced the mass frog migration that occurs after a rain…and it’s not pretty OR funny, and so I feel a little bit like perhaps this guy deserves to be one of my top picks, a dedication to all those poor amphibians who’d played and lost this game before him…Despite the tragic circumstances here, I’m pretty sure that this Frogman was properly splayed onto that windshield in near perfect frog pose (as perfect as you can get when you’ve unexpectedly meet glass coming at you at 45 mph).
Side note: as his yoga instructor I would recommend he slide that left webbed hand up and bring both arms shoulder distance apart to really get a juicy stretch between the shoulder blades.

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