The Loveland Frogmen Entry # 7

The Loveland Frogmen Entry # 7

From an artist that claims they may just have seen said beast as a youngling! Damn me and my lack of Ohio knowings, I feel i should understand, the hat, the rocket and the tomb… unless magically its a plea to put Rocket from the Crypt in the RnR hall of fame… then i totally got it… regardless I want him!


  1. chip says:

    For Folks who actually like to know stuff Mr Shirilla (originating from Ohio and not the artist) solved the mystery on the FB page so:
    1) That is a DEVO hat. They are from Akron.
    2) There was a band from Cleveland called Rocket From The Tombs who would quickly splinter into 2 bands, the Dead Boys and Pere Ubu. And there is your Ohio music lesson for the day…

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