The Loveland Frogmen Entry # 9

The Loveland Frogmen Entry # 9

“This is Ishourdania. He’s kind of a riverbank bum who’s so excited about the Breaking Bad finale, he got himself a pork pie hat.” Ishourdania huh? is that greek cause it sounds kinda elvish? I absolutely love his lil measely frog dots, gotta appreciate some muppet alien antennae and he looks sorta like my friend Rocco which makes me happy. Plus garlic flies is funny!

Judge’s Commentary

Not allowing myself to be biased here at all by my husband’s captioning of this drawing, but seriously, this Frogmen looks A LOT like our friend Rocco (pretty sure I recall a time where he even sported one of those lip warmers) who I haven’t seen in eons and for that reason alone, kept drawing me back to this picture. It’s nice to see him here, in frog form, altho I would ask that he AVOID the garlic flies in the future as I bet his breath would be the least of his problems! I also like how the hairy chest, pork pie hat, and gum request subtly put the “man” into Frogman!
Side note: this little guy looks like he’d benefit from a little yoga, I’d recommend some counterposes to Frog that would make him feel like a new beast!

The Loveland Frogmen Entry # 9
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