The Loveland Frogmen

Ohio’s Own Dwarf Sized Amphibious River People

I’ve got a soft spot in my heart for middle America’s small town beasts, and dammit if these guys don’t sound adorable. According to my sources, there are reports of the Frogmen dating back to about 1950 continuing on to present day. Round about 3-4 feet tall, covered in leathery, frog-like skin, big bulging frog eyes and webbed toes. They are said to frequent the banks and roads surrounding the Ohio River. Usually witnesses initially mistake them as roadkill or some other clump of refuse, upon closer inspection, the frogmen tend to jump up and run on two legs off into the water or surrounding woods.
Generally deemed harmless, but there are occasional reports of drunken swimmers claiming to be grabbed underwater, and one about a cop recklessly shooting into the woods trying to perish a frogman that startled him at roadside, but as a whole the stories have them mucking about the banks and doin as frogs do, being slimey, socializing with their own and licking their own eyballs. So here’s the bulleted list for the reading impaired, and lets see some motherf*cking frogmen put to paper this week!

  • Bipedal dwarf sized humanoid form
  • Giant bulging eyes and wide mouth of a frog
  • Leathery, frog-like skin
  • Webbed hands and feet
  • From Ohio

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