The Questing Beast

The Beast of Arthurian Legend That’s Equal Parts Lizard, Leopard and Deer!

Now that the font’s a little bigger it feel’s like I’m writing waaaay too much, so I’ll try and keep this a little less rambling. The Questing Beast is monster from Arthurian Legend (king arthur, just in case…) Who had the head and neck of a giant reptile, the body of a leopard and the legs of a deer (or as they called them back then a hart). It’s name was not a nod to the many famous knights who sought it’s head on quests (King Pellinore, Sir Palamedes, and Sir Percival to name a few) but is in fact a reference to the noise it made that sounded much like “thirty couple hounds questing”…
Some of the more critical may say, long neck, leopard spots, hooved feet… sounds like a giraffe. To which I will say, don’t be ridiculous and get to drawing! So there you go!
judgement Is Complete
our judgeOur Judge for The Questing Beast is my little brother Shawn! Nowadays he’s an electrician and proud father, but I’ll always know him as my skating buddy, late night Dr Who watching companion and arm punching dummy (we are brothers after all). Without getting too sappy, I’ll just say it’s an honor to have him judge and I’ll be curious as hell which way he’ll go with this.

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