The First Place Merman Entry

The Merman Entry # 4

“Apologies in advance” – Ha! you know for all the things you can apologize for in life… putting an eel wiener on a merman shouldn’t have to be one of ’em! That being said I read “the Deep” when i was way too young and have always been terrified of morays so lets just focus on where his forehead went?

Judge’s Commentary

– “Having spent much of my youth both above and beneath the sea and coming in close contact with more than one moray eel buried deep in its coral home, I often wondered exactly how the eels anchored themselves in search of their next meal…it all makes perfect sense now. This particular merman clearly hails from the royal bloodline of Triton. Having trained his organ to become a multi-disciplinary tool wielding the power to provide nourishment on many levels ”

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