The Mother of all Cows

Hindu Mythology’s Miraculous Cow of Plenty

Our judge for this battle is going to be MicBurglar from the Hamburglars, this dude sings about stealing hamburgers all day, so he obviously puts some extraordinary value in a cow… So I think to myself, how can we tie this in to a beast? And while dangerously close to blaspheming over a billion people, the best option I could come up with was to have us draw Kamadhenu, the Mother of all Cows and potentially the most honored beast in Hindu Mythology!

I have to admit that other than loving the food, listening to a few krishna-core bands and knowing some sanskrit words for yoga poses I am woefully underinformed when it comes to said neck of the woods, so instead of butchering (get it?) the mythology, I’m just rolling with a good old school bulleted list of descriptors:

  • Body of a white cow
  • Crowned Head and breasts of a human woman
  • Colorful wings of an eagle
  • Tail of a peacock
  • Grants all wishes
  • Lives in heaven and emerged from the ocean of milk

judgement Is Complete

Our Judge MicBurglarI caught Micburglar from The Hamburglars unwinding from a busy day of burger theiving at Cigars & Stripes in Berwyn. He told me how he and his cohorts (Bassburglar, Guitarburglar & Drumburglar) had finished recording their latest record and with a lil’ luck it’d be in their hands soon. I was surprised to find out that while not plotting & executing burger heists, playing shows w/ The Hamburglars, and eluding the authorities he enjoys browsing the pages of Mythical Beast Wars … so I figured what with an upcoming show and a the new 10 inch dropping soon, why not ask him to judge. So here we are! Get to drawing your human boobed cows and start figuring out how your ass is getting out here to Berwyn for the 22nd! See more at And come see the show – Fri. Nov. 22nd @ Cigars & Stripes – 6715 W. Ogden

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