The Christmas elf

The Pointy Hatted Holiday Helper

We’re in the mad rush towards the holidays, there’s shoveling and shopping to do, Witchbanger shows to attend and wives birthdays to celebrate so I’m letting this one go a leisurely two weeks.

Pretty sure you know what a Christmas Elf is, but in the rare instance that you have just woken up from a long winters nap… They are small, people shaped beings, usually dressed in festive greens and reds with pointy toed shoes, long pointy caps and often accessorized with bells of the jingly variety… They are tasked by the Nicholases to help build toys in the workshop, care for reindeer and if you’d believe the old holiday specials, occasional dental work. The rest I leave to you!

judgement Is Complete

our judgeSo we’re just saying our judge this week is Santa! Now what’s that really mean? Well beyond the fact that it puts me atop a throne of lies cause it’s not really Santa… its also a great way for me to cover up that my grander plan for judgement from a real Santa fizzled and I’ve fallen back to a trusted beast council to help shape this week’s decisions… so with that and my apologies for the judgement fumble, may i present:

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